Transubstantiation - 2011/01/05

Bright lights of the city blind my eyes
As they fade into the evanescence below
I might miss the turmoil it brings alive
Though I will not be sorry to see it go
As ants scattering amidst a great attack
You plebs flee from the slightest danger
Yet while you may cry for my assistance
Neutrality rules as my interest has faded

Golden kingdoms may trans mutate into lead
While the free following wine turns rancid
But this like all other things shall pass
Acceptance of which allows me to be candid
So come one come all and waylay these ears
Serenade me with your tempting siren songs
Do not be surprised when the world remains
As I cant be bothered to right your wrongs

I am but a man with a plan of rising above
That does not involve consuming your whims
Focusing on something greater buried inside
Rather than the empty promise of your hymns
So it is time to bid adieu to the denizens
Fighting for every step in a circular path
Worry not about my reactions to your slurs
I am no God nor an instrument of his wrath

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