Whats Your Sign - 2011/01/13

Some chick wanted my sign
Well I dont actually know
Some nerds changed it up
And that freaking blows
I lived life like a Libra
Or at least I pretended
When they said I was Virgo
My world was so upended

Though soon I realized
Its not bad like I thought
I no longer have to be
Just another Libra robot
No more playing peacemaker
Im done balancing it out
Im learning to be gentle
Thats what Virgo is about

Im done being easy to know
And I wont be getting along
Im going to shut my fat yap
While helping others along
Im moving forward all alone
As I dump my codependencies
Im going to become productive
Fuck my artistic tendencies

Get ready my dear friends
A new day has just dawned
Better check my horoscope
To see how I'll be wronged
Of course you never know
When fate will screw it up
Then I'll have to google
To learn how to change it up

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