Still - 2011/02/27

The sounds of silence echo bitterly
Deep in the forest where I am alone
In a contraption my chemical prison
Brews insanity for which I am known
Beasts once around have now vacated
Even as I drink this stout Ive sown
While it seems filthy and addictive
It reaffirms every lie I have known

Not one living soul can be detected
Here in the wake of bygone passerby
In the wind many bouquets so ruffle
Some quite rotten in view of my eye
For this wheel continues to revolve
According to dark terms set whereby
Only the distended weeds that arise
Forget this place is where they die

Radiant moon at its apex enlightens
The utter stillness of the frontier
Oblique starlight births new shadow
Dark shadows simulate unspoken fear
A moment comes yet another lifetime
Passes before we are free and clear
Within the hour of desperate solace
Truth and redemption move ever near


Serpent - 2011/02/24

Big oak doors lead to the old room
Where they jump and scream of doom
Fear gushes from the pristine walls
Shells indoctrinated roam the halls
What the hell is that horrid sound
Cries of bigots emanate all around
How is this now my moral conundrum
That instead of singing I just hum

Listen closely sentence is rendered
Is this hell or just another bender
If theyre insane then Im not batshit
Yet my presence here makes me a twit
While they read its time to pretend
That Im concerned while they defend
Though the truth is dark and tragic
What keeps me awake is voodoo magic

Goddamn huge mouth gets up on stage
Before I nap he belts out that rage
Like a slickster selling a shit car
Half baked nonsense doesnt move far
Oh man I thought his pitch was done
Lies hes telling surely weigh a ton
Either logic is a scam or hes right
Eternity without him seems all right


Scavengers - 2011/02/23

There are cracks in the wall
That I know reach quite deep
Just beyond it lies a deluge
Hints of which start to seep
The great structure shudders
Aged foundation under stress
Its occupants remain present
Oblivious to palpable duress

Visions for all the outcomes
Lay sprawled for examination
Yet there is nothing to save
Making archaic my hesitation
Droning on with great groans
It is only matter of moments
That I have to consider fate
Before making all atonements

With that the structure dies
Antediluvians past the brink
Long great reigns so harshly
Shoved into depths they sink
Come now rise from the ashes
Pittance that dare to remain
For in dead ruin of a wonder
Only you can grasp the reins


Strife - 2011/02/22

Stilettos in hand as we circle the ring
The intention of murder within our eyes
Life is of concern as instinct rules us
Working to ensure the other animal dies
Dancing around as would a limber dancer
Designing a journey towards our victory
Though by nightfall one of us shall die
For our warring goals are contradictory

Flames encircle us for the time arrived
Now the cheers of the plebes matter not
Murmurs of crazy race through our minds
Urging us to abandon adversaries to rot
With this our violent overture complete
Cold precepts of civilization dispelled
We regressed to what evolution silenced
Proving beasts within cannot be quelled

Dismal is the dawn that shines down now
For one has passed and another is dying
While it may seem a conflict is settled
Anybody who claims that is surely lying
As it was the contrast that raised them
Always outlining the visage in the gray
Who will they assess themselves against
As their darkness steps aside for today

Smooth Jimmy - 2011/02/22

People love a good old boy named James
Especially those southern Georgia dames
I think perhaps your wife loves me too
Perhaps that is what really scares you

I once knew a criminal named Tricky Dick
His illegal antics made the country sick
Despite the fact he did promptly resign
People still love him just ask Ben Stein

Aaron Burr was a stupid and dangerous man
After murdering a founding father he ran
Before meeting the end of his crappy life
He went flat broke and lost a final wife

While its certainly true that I write books
You sadly seem to assume authors are crooks
Just dont pretend that the cream of the crop
Is Dubya giving speeches for 250 bucks a pop

You poor man Jesus did not have time to write
Walking across the land making things alright
With a wave of his hand troubles would go away
Even your sad jealously will be reborn one day

The three presidents you speak of make me smile
One was a slickster getting hummers all the while
The second was a meglomaniac who nuked two cities
While I gave great speeches without my committees

I appreciate your well wishes for my final years
If I believed you I suppose I would be in tears
And while like me Favre might not want to retire
I promise not to send dirty pics out on the wire

Oh it looks like I owe you this small postscript
Regarding Mother Teresa now very dead in a crypt
She was an advocate against rubbers and abortion
Perhaps your praise should be better apportioned


Suckers Inc - 2011/02/21

Strafing down the street in green
Hoping to be heard as well as seen
If like me you dont actually exist
Just buy a bullhorn dont be missed
Bust out with bling for the crowds
Pimping securities of death shrouds
Use marketing to get out a message
Pay us off to play off the presage

Every plan seizes up and goes bust
When ghettos in the nation combust
Fuck the noise this is easy street
We didnt get here by getting beat
Let the posers squabble over cake
There is more slick money to make
Watch as your regulators regulate
New free money while we masturbate

Am I just another player damn right
I blow your cash to party all night
While I pitch a new way to get rich
By robbing and making you my bitch
I dont have to bust into your house
As you slavishly worship this louse
Yeah we will burn down your village
Taking all you own while we pillage

If you think this is rough too bad
This is reality so get fucking mad
Stop wasting time in the holy dump
Buying into whatever scams we pump
Mark my words we will get out first
Leaving suckers to suffer the worst
Who is the sucker well heres a clue
If you dont know the sucker is you


Strings - 2011/02/18

With so many strings ready to tug
Who shall control this marionette
He may be mistaken for a real boy
So long as puppeteers dont forget
The joy within his face is unique
Along with the anger that crosses
For he can exist independently of
Story tellers and would be bosses

He entertains with personal flair
Overlooking catcalls of the swarm
On a sly stage fashioned just for
Fast operators who always perform
Whilst the strings remain ignored
Satisfaction stays quite constant
Yet closer do dark handlers creep
Looking to get what he wont grant

So comes the day their hands hold
His power to design and determine
In disguise they attempt to craft
Something to impress their vermin
Yet all they can do is disenchant
While onlookers begin to disperse
As the lust for power and control
Produced a new debilitating curse


Somnolent - 2011/02/17

With eyelids heavy and mouth agape
Onward he presses without a regard
Obstacles around only just delayed
Entrance to the place still barred
Yet upon arrival the reserved glee
Was subdued in one final hard blow
From mind broken down without fuel
And body no longer able to feel no

So upon the threshold rose a snore
Of the slaves whipped to the brink
Soon fully reimbursed for the loss
Into the grand old dream they sink
Tomorrow brings along another wait
Will those moments of decision die
Or will the master recognize sense
Without dogs having to explain why

Our fires flicker burning brightly
Driving an engine that never stops
Even as those tending to its needs
Spill from precarious mountaintops
Heavy wind whistling in their ears
Serves as their final soft lullaby
For the rest they fought for comes
Since silly little dogs cannot fly


Sapphire - 2011/02/16

An amber sky meets a sapphire sea
Between them a subtle breeze blows
On the horizon lies a small speck
How long was its wait nobody knows
In pristine lush tropical confines
Is the ashen man who seldom speaks
Thoughts still grow remaining mute
Benign solace is all that he seeks

Beyond the starry skies of evening
Lies the land in which he was born
Once castaway now more the outcast
His autonomy only galvanizes scorn
So in the lonely skies hes scrying
For the altogether different world
Self sufficiency is just too close
To the empty acquiescence unfurled

Waves lick the sandy shore wearing
Piece by piece land joins with sea
All the while a storm is gathering
A great flood is coming he can see
Ever does that northern star shine
Whilst his reach exceeds his grasp
Even as that sapphire sea destroys
An independence that he now clasps


Snookums - 2011/02/14

These are the rants of her psycho
Addicted to watching nightly news
Another self described malcontent
Always sharing his dreadful views
Yet for some reason she tolerates
Even while sometimes appreciating
Whatever it is that she does love
Shining through this broken thing

Her patience seems to be infinite
Lacking risk of a limited supply
With a beauty and poise to match
Her husband sure is one lucky guy
On occasion the favor is returned
Though certainly not often enough
As they face many trials together
Holding tight if things are tough

Daily I remember that she beckons
This light that shines in my eyes
Whatever I do she always inspires
Me to work for the greatest prize
So of course you may be wondering
What is the spoil that I refer to
Well to her I would simply answer
His reward is getting home to you


So Dies Pharaoh - 2011/02/11

It was the day that I received the news
Of a new vacancy in an evil aristocracy
That my faith in the power of the serfs
Triumphed over every realized hypocrisy

At first hearing it I did a double take
Yet my source was not marked as a duper
Within hours many numerous publications
Shared the news and we felt quite super

Triumph came from the moment of despair
Of darkly evening lacking real twilight
Remember that with our stunning victory
We march for more battles left to fight

Celebrate for the king lacks his throne
He and his inbred family flee for exile
Great flames are devouring their castle
Name and legacy besmirched all the while

Hunt them down and hang them up we will
After nearly three decades of pillaging
So though their scepter has been broken
Knee deep in their wicked blood we sing

Come one come all and see garish colors
Torn from the wall to serve as kindling
That we may illuminate the path forward
Keeping the justice from ever dwindling

Once fully compensated we are overjoyed
For our tyrant is now a part of history
The future of our own making intersects
With will of those who remain a mystery

Now sign this declaration in your blood
Honoring all that sacrificed everything
Revel in the change you all have earned
As despot King and court flee our sting


Strike - 2011/02/10

Swinging in the wind
Smell of rotten flesh
Aristocrats corralled
Their blood runs fresh
Laid aside my loud sign
Grabbed a makeshift gun
Marching for the palace
Executed every last one

Peace is still our dream
Even as blood is spilled
Dictators just gotta die
For our freedom to build
We came asking for change
Rebuked with copious shit
So here is our declaration
In your blood its now writ

We gathered if only to exist
Asserting a right to a voice
In terms of death or freedom
Dead pharaoh made his choice
Fuck him and all his friends
If you fight to try and deny
Our claim on human free will
Tolerance is in short supply

Now is the time
To shed our grace
Either get on board
Or leave this place
Economics be damned
Slavery shall perish
A chance to make fate
Is all that we cherish


Stalemate - 2011/02/08

Within lies the door beyond my mind
Inside I dont know what I will find
I look for the portal losing my way
Second chance granted every new day
It bears no handle which I can turn
Beyond its threshold is all I yearn

This my rhyme born of many thoughts
Hazy delusions conjured of dark rot
If there is no fate then yes we may
Uncover great truth squirreled away
Whatever it may be I refuse to tell
Either I lie or I reveal it in hell

There I foster this daily obsession
Ever ignored by a morbid procession
With dead eyes fixed straight ahead
As simple myths dance in their head
Welcome to my paradox of expression
The elixir cannot combat digression

Savior - 2011/02/08

Those bright hazel eyes beckon me
Bloodshot and stricken with grief
Chimes of the church bell vibrate
As my sight is obscured by a leaf
Upon the wind it drifts aimlessly
In proximity to swirling red hair
Between the eyes of an ivory head
Hovers a laser I maneuvered there

Your ending approaches I hesitate
My hand and the weapon so dispute
Sensing the struggle you so blink
Our gazes meet my resolve is moot
Lines of your face forever etched
In a mind you so abruptly changed
Our laconic acknowledgment passes
My retirement soon to be arranged

Yet post departure I find routine
Struggling to forget these events
Even as my old life disintegrates
In my revelation and its contents
Dark will be the day I can forget
The pristine face through a scope
That saved me from oblivions edge
By sharing a slight spark of hope


Suite 503 - 2011/02/07

Gaze if you must and try to describe
The tricky euphoria before your eyes
To abrogate your doubt now disregard
My tapestry of life with simple lies
Ignore details from insightful truth
That could cause personal disruption
Plaster over cracks using platitudes
In a last bid to minimize disruption

As dominoes falling reactions spread
A sweet summer breeze fills the room
My eyes raise struggling to remember
Many moments that brought about doom
Here in the dark lies trepid montage
Now part of this artistic expression
Yet details of the great masterpiece
Stay hidden as youthful indiscretion

So if you stare waiting for my words
Open your ears for a flood is coming
Bright lights punish unprepared eyes
Memories of late pasts prove numbing
For here in the cold metal sterility
Of the nondescript high rise edifice
The moment of opportunity is birthed
To craft a collage from the detritus


Suppression - 2011/02/06

Many silicon tainted dreams besiege
The manufactured moments of malaise
Leaving the eyes open yet elsewhere
In a world the same yet just ablaze
Silently it hungers mostly for fuel
This parasite plucking many strings
Looking back I rue the ruin brought
By the contagion that enters things

The treasures unearthed oh me oh my
Secrets stolen so become mine alone
Yet with each claim a piece expires
Of an essence that has yet to atone
Great power unseen and urges wicked
Darkness working within pitch black
Despite what knowledge was garnered
How my remains long to give it back

Eons onward this war still rages on
With flames of perdition diminished
Handlers of the manipulation bemoan
What breach work remains unfinished
This tactic of theirs is one I must
Simply and outright refuse to abide
Yet amongst us nobody dares predict
What tomorrow morning I will decide


Swath - 2011/02/04

A eerie swath runs right through it
Dark cinders flutter on either side
Once shoulder to shoulder now apart
Rueful eyes from which we cant hide
Between them each the cloudy mirror
Donating deceit of a fleeting state
Recording to no ledger immense lies
That sow the seeds of terrible hate

The urge to murder casually rising
In flames of the new morning prayer
As those with all the world to lose
Show all with naught they dont care
Onlookers gasp and submit to a lure
Mating with a monster they admonish
For in the game where all must gain
The capacity to ignore can astonish

Peaceful and quiet yet it is terror
The truth and lie become just doubt
When destiny comes from human hands
Rationality is raised by the devout
Time is not a constant in the swath
Flowing when either side deems able
For how can those with nothing left
Leave when volition is on the table


Snatch - 2011/02/03

A deep rumble fills our ears
As the sky turns pitch black
Soggy ground begins to quake
As the guilt begins to stack
Above bits of anger rain down
Even before the sky opened up
Spawning cries of sycophants
Lacking love to fill the cup

Mechanical eyes just onlookers
Voyeurs perched with eyes wide
Recording screams of the dying
Urging dead to retreat inside
Judgment abundant now reserved
As moving mouths remain still
Blood lost is of small concern
Unless some of theirs we spill

Words of a serpent poison they
Who dare believe in face value
While the selfish fear a future
Which is born of this our coup
Spread the word this is choice
Destiny lost now close at hand
As the downtrodden so transform
A poor indentured desolate land


Simple Plan - 2011/02/01

Joe made himself a grand list
Of things that wouldnt happen
The musings of a little mouse
In real professional wrapping

Joe presented it to superiors
Who lavished the elegant plan
With praise for its foresight
And ignoring the flaws of man

Joe was then given apt reward
For all the long taxing hours
He spent planting these seeds
Which would enrich the powers

Joe soon received many offers
From many greedy institutions
Soon he would go leave behind
All risk of great restitution

Joe was surprised by the news
That his once employer failed
Broke customers now litigated
As the loyal investors bailed

Joe never examined his design
Its great flaws that beckoned
His success wasnt in question
So he was good or he reckoned

Joe made a career of the plan
He realized would light fires
Once dark smoke began to rise
He went on to the next buyers

Joe became driven by the cash
His real morale code snapping
As he pushed a new grand plan
For big payoff sure to happen

Joes grand plan met a sad end
While others suffered with it
He retired with insane wealth
As nobody gave much of a shit

Joes story is the lesson here
That apathy is its own reward
Ignore the tale at much peril
Of that plan you march toward

Seeker - 2011/02/01

Sterilized metal against my feet
Filtered air that fills my lungs
Replicated harmony is background
For constant speaking of tongues
I cannot make out their meanings
As words they employ are elusive
In this environment of staleness
No truth seems really conclusive

Specific programming makes clear
Nothing that we dare to remember
Synthesized intelligence remains
The flood engulfing a warm ember
Fleets of the free roam this sky
Without a real map to guide them
Unleashing their weaponized fury
At all who so dare to chide them

Far beneath rest the many layers
Made up of what we just disagree
So in the midst of mechanization
We sail aimlessly across the sea
Forgetting all below as it lacks
The opalescence of what we crave
As it is a bauble born from soul
Hidden away in this watery grave