Sapphire - 2011/02/16

An amber sky meets a sapphire sea
Between them a subtle breeze blows
On the horizon lies a small speck
How long was its wait nobody knows
In pristine lush tropical confines
Is the ashen man who seldom speaks
Thoughts still grow remaining mute
Benign solace is all that he seeks

Beyond the starry skies of evening
Lies the land in which he was born
Once castaway now more the outcast
His autonomy only galvanizes scorn
So in the lonely skies hes scrying
For the altogether different world
Self sufficiency is just too close
To the empty acquiescence unfurled

Waves lick the sandy shore wearing
Piece by piece land joins with sea
All the while a storm is gathering
A great flood is coming he can see
Ever does that northern star shine
Whilst his reach exceeds his grasp
Even as that sapphire sea destroys
An independence that he now clasps

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