Savior - 2011/02/08

Those bright hazel eyes beckon me
Bloodshot and stricken with grief
Chimes of the church bell vibrate
As my sight is obscured by a leaf
Upon the wind it drifts aimlessly
In proximity to swirling red hair
Between the eyes of an ivory head
Hovers a laser I maneuvered there

Your ending approaches I hesitate
My hand and the weapon so dispute
Sensing the struggle you so blink
Our gazes meet my resolve is moot
Lines of your face forever etched
In a mind you so abruptly changed
Our laconic acknowledgment passes
My retirement soon to be arranged

Yet post departure I find routine
Struggling to forget these events
Even as my old life disintegrates
In my revelation and its contents
Dark will be the day I can forget
The pristine face through a scope
That saved me from oblivions edge
By sharing a slight spark of hope

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