Scavengers - 2011/02/23

There are cracks in the wall
That I know reach quite deep
Just beyond it lies a deluge
Hints of which start to seep
The great structure shudders
Aged foundation under stress
Its occupants remain present
Oblivious to palpable duress

Visions for all the outcomes
Lay sprawled for examination
Yet there is nothing to save
Making archaic my hesitation
Droning on with great groans
It is only matter of moments
That I have to consider fate
Before making all atonements

With that the structure dies
Antediluvians past the brink
Long great reigns so harshly
Shoved into depths they sink
Come now rise from the ashes
Pittance that dare to remain
For in dead ruin of a wonder
Only you can grasp the reins

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