Serpent - 2011/02/24

Big oak doors lead to the old room
Where they jump and scream of doom
Fear gushes from the pristine walls
Shells indoctrinated roam the halls
What the hell is that horrid sound
Cries of bigots emanate all around
How is this now my moral conundrum
That instead of singing I just hum

Listen closely sentence is rendered
Is this hell or just another bender
If theyre insane then Im not batshit
Yet my presence here makes me a twit
While they read its time to pretend
That Im concerned while they defend
Though the truth is dark and tragic
What keeps me awake is voodoo magic

Goddamn huge mouth gets up on stage
Before I nap he belts out that rage
Like a slickster selling a shit car
Half baked nonsense doesnt move far
Oh man I thought his pitch was done
Lies hes telling surely weigh a ton
Either logic is a scam or hes right
Eternity without him seems all right

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