Simple Plan - 2011/02/01

Joe made himself a grand list
Of things that wouldnt happen
The musings of a little mouse
In real professional wrapping

Joe presented it to superiors
Who lavished the elegant plan
With praise for its foresight
And ignoring the flaws of man

Joe was then given apt reward
For all the long taxing hours
He spent planting these seeds
Which would enrich the powers

Joe soon received many offers
From many greedy institutions
Soon he would go leave behind
All risk of great restitution

Joe was surprised by the news
That his once employer failed
Broke customers now litigated
As the loyal investors bailed

Joe never examined his design
Its great flaws that beckoned
His success wasnt in question
So he was good or he reckoned

Joe made a career of the plan
He realized would light fires
Once dark smoke began to rise
He went on to the next buyers

Joe became driven by the cash
His real morale code snapping
As he pushed a new grand plan
For big payoff sure to happen

Joes grand plan met a sad end
While others suffered with it
He retired with insane wealth
As nobody gave much of a shit

Joes story is the lesson here
That apathy is its own reward
Ignore the tale at much peril
Of that plan you march toward

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