Snookums - 2011/02/14

These are the rants of her psycho
Addicted to watching nightly news
Another self described malcontent
Always sharing his dreadful views
Yet for some reason she tolerates
Even while sometimes appreciating
Whatever it is that she does love
Shining through this broken thing

Her patience seems to be infinite
Lacking risk of a limited supply
With a beauty and poise to match
Her husband sure is one lucky guy
On occasion the favor is returned
Though certainly not often enough
As they face many trials together
Holding tight if things are tough

Daily I remember that she beckons
This light that shines in my eyes
Whatever I do she always inspires
Me to work for the greatest prize
So of course you may be wondering
What is the spoil that I refer to
Well to her I would simply answer
His reward is getting home to you

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