So Dies Pharaoh - 2011/02/11

It was the day that I received the news
Of a new vacancy in an evil aristocracy
That my faith in the power of the serfs
Triumphed over every realized hypocrisy

At first hearing it I did a double take
Yet my source was not marked as a duper
Within hours many numerous publications
Shared the news and we felt quite super

Triumph came from the moment of despair
Of darkly evening lacking real twilight
Remember that with our stunning victory
We march for more battles left to fight

Celebrate for the king lacks his throne
He and his inbred family flee for exile
Great flames are devouring their castle
Name and legacy besmirched all the while

Hunt them down and hang them up we will
After nearly three decades of pillaging
So though their scepter has been broken
Knee deep in their wicked blood we sing

Come one come all and see garish colors
Torn from the wall to serve as kindling
That we may illuminate the path forward
Keeping the justice from ever dwindling

Once fully compensated we are overjoyed
For our tyrant is now a part of history
The future of our own making intersects
With will of those who remain a mystery

Now sign this declaration in your blood
Honoring all that sacrificed everything
Revel in the change you all have earned
As despot King and court flee our sting

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