Somnolent - 2011/02/17

With eyelids heavy and mouth agape
Onward he presses without a regard
Obstacles around only just delayed
Entrance to the place still barred
Yet upon arrival the reserved glee
Was subdued in one final hard blow
From mind broken down without fuel
And body no longer able to feel no

So upon the threshold rose a snore
Of the slaves whipped to the brink
Soon fully reimbursed for the loss
Into the grand old dream they sink
Tomorrow brings along another wait
Will those moments of decision die
Or will the master recognize sense
Without dogs having to explain why

Our fires flicker burning brightly
Driving an engine that never stops
Even as those tending to its needs
Spill from precarious mountaintops
Heavy wind whistling in their ears
Serves as their final soft lullaby
For the rest they fought for comes
Since silly little dogs cannot fly

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