Still - 2011/02/27

The sounds of silence echo bitterly
Deep in the forest where I am alone
In a contraption my chemical prison
Brews insanity for which I am known
Beasts once around have now vacated
Even as I drink this stout Ive sown
While it seems filthy and addictive
It reaffirms every lie I have known

Not one living soul can be detected
Here in the wake of bygone passerby
In the wind many bouquets so ruffle
Some quite rotten in view of my eye
For this wheel continues to revolve
According to dark terms set whereby
Only the distended weeds that arise
Forget this place is where they die

Radiant moon at its apex enlightens
The utter stillness of the frontier
Oblique starlight births new shadow
Dark shadows simulate unspoken fear
A moment comes yet another lifetime
Passes before we are free and clear
Within the hour of desperate solace
Truth and redemption move ever near

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