Strife - 2011/02/22

Stilettos in hand as we circle the ring
The intention of murder within our eyes
Life is of concern as instinct rules us
Working to ensure the other animal dies
Dancing around as would a limber dancer
Designing a journey towards our victory
Though by nightfall one of us shall die
For our warring goals are contradictory

Flames encircle us for the time arrived
Now the cheers of the plebes matter not
Murmurs of crazy race through our minds
Urging us to abandon adversaries to rot
With this our violent overture complete
Cold precepts of civilization dispelled
We regressed to what evolution silenced
Proving beasts within cannot be quelled

Dismal is the dawn that shines down now
For one has passed and another is dying
While it may seem a conflict is settled
Anybody who claims that is surely lying
As it was the contrast that raised them
Always outlining the visage in the gray
Who will they assess themselves against
As their darkness steps aside for today

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