Suckers Inc - 2011/02/21

Strafing down the street in green
Hoping to be heard as well as seen
If like me you dont actually exist
Just buy a bullhorn dont be missed
Bust out with bling for the crowds
Pimping securities of death shrouds
Use marketing to get out a message
Pay us off to play off the presage

Every plan seizes up and goes bust
When ghettos in the nation combust
Fuck the noise this is easy street
We didnt get here by getting beat
Let the posers squabble over cake
There is more slick money to make
Watch as your regulators regulate
New free money while we masturbate

Am I just another player damn right
I blow your cash to party all night
While I pitch a new way to get rich
By robbing and making you my bitch
I dont have to bust into your house
As you slavishly worship this louse
Yeah we will burn down your village
Taking all you own while we pillage

If you think this is rough too bad
This is reality so get fucking mad
Stop wasting time in the holy dump
Buying into whatever scams we pump
Mark my words we will get out first
Leaving suckers to suffer the worst
Who is the sucker well heres a clue
If you dont know the sucker is you

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