Suite 503 - 2011/02/07

Gaze if you must and try to describe
The tricky euphoria before your eyes
To abrogate your doubt now disregard
My tapestry of life with simple lies
Ignore details from insightful truth
That could cause personal disruption
Plaster over cracks using platitudes
In a last bid to minimize disruption

As dominoes falling reactions spread
A sweet summer breeze fills the room
My eyes raise struggling to remember
Many moments that brought about doom
Here in the dark lies trepid montage
Now part of this artistic expression
Yet details of the great masterpiece
Stay hidden as youthful indiscretion

So if you stare waiting for my words
Open your ears for a flood is coming
Bright lights punish unprepared eyes
Memories of late pasts prove numbing
For here in the cold metal sterility
Of the nondescript high rise edifice
The moment of opportunity is birthed
To craft a collage from the detritus

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