Suppression - 2011/02/06

Many silicon tainted dreams besiege
The manufactured moments of malaise
Leaving the eyes open yet elsewhere
In a world the same yet just ablaze
Silently it hungers mostly for fuel
This parasite plucking many strings
Looking back I rue the ruin brought
By the contagion that enters things

The treasures unearthed oh me oh my
Secrets stolen so become mine alone
Yet with each claim a piece expires
Of an essence that has yet to atone
Great power unseen and urges wicked
Darkness working within pitch black
Despite what knowledge was garnered
How my remains long to give it back

Eons onward this war still rages on
With flames of perdition diminished
Handlers of the manipulation bemoan
What breach work remains unfinished
This tactic of theirs is one I must
Simply and outright refuse to abide
Yet amongst us nobody dares predict
What tomorrow morning I will decide

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