Swath - 2011/02/04

A eerie swath runs right through it
Dark cinders flutter on either side
Once shoulder to shoulder now apart
Rueful eyes from which we cant hide
Between them each the cloudy mirror
Donating deceit of a fleeting state
Recording to no ledger immense lies
That sow the seeds of terrible hate

The urge to murder casually rising
In flames of the new morning prayer
As those with all the world to lose
Show all with naught they dont care
Onlookers gasp and submit to a lure
Mating with a monster they admonish
For in the game where all must gain
The capacity to ignore can astonish

Peaceful and quiet yet it is terror
The truth and lie become just doubt
When destiny comes from human hands
Rationality is raised by the devout
Time is not a constant in the swath
Flowing when either side deems able
For how can those with nothing left
Leave when volition is on the table

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