Alpha Meets Omega - 2011/03/30

Do we say we truly knew him
After he leaves and is gone
Salvation appears so futile
As he wont see another dawn
He was a moderator for most
But to friends hard bedrock
Until that day he succumbed
To an eternal ticking clock

Where he went I dare not say
Though his presence is missed
To those that knew him better
Know that he has my best wish
In cold dark of many switches
He brought life to our corner
While forging a better world
So despair not fellow mourner

Understand his time was short
Though nobody ever has enough
Your future may not be coming
Even while you call its bluff
So get those affairs in order
Keep all the loved ones close
Every moment may be your last
No matter what fate you chose


Thaumaturgist - 2011/03/28

Old grizzled man stomping around
Eerily mute despite their sounds
Spectators with amazement oozing
Unaware their naiveté is amusing
For to the fools it is but magic
A fact that old man finds tragic
For over the years he has taught
Without the reward he has sought

For the lemmings were his garden
Which he tended with loving care
He sacrificed greatly and taught
All lessons with naught to spare
Now they exhibit no real ability
To understand these ideas shared
Leaving him sarcastically bitter
Ever wondering why he once cared

Mark this moment you now witness
When good master becomes a shell
As he judges his lack of fitness
A crime worthy of continual hell
For it was his rough rugged hand
That reached deep into the abyss
Pulling the unforgettable strand
Of dissonance driving him remiss


Relativity - 2011/03/27

Loud catcalls of that crowd echo
Across the prism of my existence
Drowning out the voice of reason
Despite much ongoing persistence
Torrential rains feed that flood
Which now captures our attention
Even as I ignore the consequence
Of the fact Im slowly descending

On that edge where I still exist
My change is relatively obscured
As the difference between myself
And all below renders it blurred
Yet on those few days of clarity
When I see the state of my sewer
Rather than grapple with reality
I revert to the powerless viewer

In that hole where I am destined
To meet personally with the dirt
Lies a new shovel waiting for me
Growing closer with every effort
For on my elevator that descends
A bellhop is asking for my floor
Every answer leads to the bottom
While I refuse to force the door


Splinter - 2011/03/26

Happy and joyful dull masses play
Callously whittling away each day
Good times sadly never quite last
Their circumstances changing fast
Endless parties go self propelled
Past the very few warnings yelled
Who dares to stand firm and argue
He holds power to save all of you

Shout him down he sows discontent
He has given up cause he is spent
If he wont back off and acquiesce
We will part company with finesse
Words for a fool linger no longer
For no discord leaves us stronger
Resistance has a price if you try
Anything further means you so die

Many happy years fly right on by
Leading to a future past the sky
Behold this is the era of famine
Born of ideas we didnt reexamine
Where oh where is our malcontent
Why didnt we go wherever he went
Here lay the nature of the beast
For all famine follows the feast


Green Monkey - 2011/03/23

Have you ever had one of those days
When all noise became so unbearable
That regardless of their legitimacy
You wanted consequences so terrible
Damn their concerns and confessions
How can that desire deftly override
As they dont bother to leave sanity
To keep me from spewing rage inside

You know the sun orbits around them
For behold the throne in the center
Upon which they are happily perched
Beyond their hell I routinely enter
Today is the day so now is the time
For they have decreed it a priority
Who the fuck gives these mongoloids
Their control and eternal authority

I dance on strings at their command
Belting out tunes just for the deaf
As I am an enabler for mediocrities
Beyond assistant instead their chef
What power enslaves me so very deep
As that green I love grows on trees
Where is that pittance in my pocket
Its gone and why I let them squeeze


Gaps - 2011/03/22

There is no smooth surface to caress
Valleys and ridges birth a spectacle
Too unappealing and dangerous beware
Of images within fraudulent reticles
Wipe the thoughts spewing post haste
While the mirror staring back laughs
For bit by bit you join the illusion
A terrible perfection without gaffes

Fools staring in crystals half blind
Cigar in one hand cards in the other
Ears perk up at the slightest tremor
Time stops just to sacrifice another
Pick that one he needs an adjustment
Put down money on when he will crack
What is the purpose what is the goal
Of drawing dismal cogs out to attack

No doubt it is absolutely quite loud
While not trading honesty for smooth
Forget any living soul who will deny
Its being analytical does not soothe
Damn all about who decry the reasons
Listed out and provided upon request
That despite an endless disagreement
This was the course it felt was best


Rejuvenator - 2011/03/20

Voices in my head shut the hell up
If I am really insane then so what
Words of many personalities spiral
From sly mouths leaving me in a rut
While it seems my meaningless words
Leave you the bitch and me the mutt

Just outside lies a nice spring day
But I prefer to waste away thinking
About those things outside my reach
Bad inspiration mixed with drinking
How does a vile combination produce
When my mental mechanism is sinking

Yet perhaps it is just my daft game
Meant to provoke predicted response
So long as nobody pays any attention
There can be no maturity renaissance
Yet your feedback is not my concern
Excuse the unapologetic nonchalance

Their attempts at conversation lack
Some people ask about my profession
Damn your lies I am dire disruption
Heres my goal as well as confession
These are the hands on the keyboard
Fighting to reinvent our progression

Act as you will for my point is made
Power of this idea lies in neutrality
What is undone will one day be remade
Without struggle we have no vitality
There is no force with which I align
As the actual enemy is irrationality

My Sire, My Shepard - 2011/03/20

I feel ready to serve at your whim
Please tell me what it is you need
Today I am your willing instrument
Your wishes are all I yearn to heed
I will wield skills of our artisans
If you would just provide the seed
They arent vassals under my command
But they will be yours if you lead

Here lies a stream lacking its head
If you want to define its direction
A river bed must be lain on purpose
Or your efforts only risk rejection
So by all means define a destination
But do not forget that this campaign
Needs a leader versed in the mundane
Rather than a new menace to be slain

If these words confuse and confound
Nobel aristocracy should reconsider
As you are ill suited for the hopes
Beyond vision of the highest bidder
There is no need for armies to rise
We do not subscribe to such turmoil
As we kneel here now boldly unarmed
Bereft of dark machinations to foil


Heretic Hideaway - 2011/03/19

Tools exist every which a way
Fools prance about every day
One in the same is what I see
Fantasy fermenting births glee
Seeking suckers come together
To revel in ignorance forever

Hold your hands in the sphere
As his presence beckons there
Ritual and rhetoric and rhyme
Never defeat an almighty stare
So just forget about the world
Royal believers get whats fair

Herald the age of the children
Dressing deceptively as adults
Their diapers changed by cults
Decrypt every sad spoiled word
Understand grace explains rage
For fairy tales are their cage

Armed to the teeth on a plain
Pacing onward toward oblivion
Ignoring the coming hard rain
Violence and hate is the game
When those who refuse to play
End up torn apart all the same

Woe be unto them when that day
Fails to transcend as they say
May we then find much strength
To keep jesters at arms length
When we craft a better destiny
Rife with our beautiful heresy


Shamrock Seven - 2011/03/17

These hands are mine that built
Buildings angry eyes saw tumble
Fueled by my heart which yearns
For a guiding star ever humble
My ears hear their super sonic
Contraptions moving to restore
Can it even really still matter
When those of will lost the war
Bombed to oblivion my last gasp
Is what kids will have to grasp

Generation unchallenged leveled
Ruins of what was so stupendous
Lost within a microcosm of odds
Strength bowed to the tremendous
Scattered and lost in the tremor
Yet long ago we forgot the taste
Of mundane and humble beginnings
Which fate reasserted post haste
All missing now very unforgotten
Know that anything can go rotten

Spouts and spigots at full blast
Supplies of shamrocks do dwindle
Forget the world as we celebrate
Drink heavily in selfish swindle
Toast to every brother and sister
Kidnapped by the more dismal fate
Respect that price they pay today
As the luck we have is not innate
If you do wake to a foreign world
Recall all else our fate unfurled


Parasites - 2011/03/15

In a broke down town
Me and my homies ride
Armed to the teeth
For predators outside
Rolling with top down
Running low on cash
Looking for some action
To refill our stash

Dont cross our path now
From bystander to victim
Thats the price you pay
Consider that our dictum
Sure we roll strapped
Damn we need protection
When trigger happy fools
Kick off an insurrection

When the action dies down
We grab the major corners
Dont sell in our territory
Unless you want mourners
If you dont like our ways
Get bent you motherfuckers
Before you and your family
End up capped like suckers

This is the life we lead
Dog eats dog heres a clue
We protect all our people
From wannabes like you
Of course they pay for it
You know nothing is free
We are helping our people
Why the hell cant you see

Beep Beep Beep - 2011/03/15

I dreamed of a place I knew
Perched upon a fluffy cloud
Although it seemed the same
Behind that imaginary crowd
It used all the familiarity
To fashion a thick disguise
Only to lure me to the spot
Where I would feel surprise

In retrospect it was so odd
Everything the same but not
I could have realized prior
Had I examined any one spot
Escaping these poltergeists
Evolved to my only priority
For my world was torn apart
By changes in huge majority

Even as conditions degraded
The escape hatch was hidden
How I rued the rarest dream
Where control was forbidden
Yet without warning it ends
Due to the screeching sound
Of that box I call an alarm
Sparing me this time around


Metamorphosis - 2011/03/14

On tired feet the road stretches
To that unforgiving hazy horizon
One load carried bears down hard
Even moreso as the sun is rising
Each step becomes a deadly trial
Every bead of sweat is life gone
So it can hardly come as a shock
Those on dry knees see next dawn

Yet even that solace cannot last
When atrocious tormentors return
Delusions of persecution proceed
To piss on the ashes they burned
With that a final chapter begins
Wherein tough protagonist crawls
Littering the road with dramatic
Decidely incoherent dust scrawls

Death is a master for it beckons
Even those on their backs frying
For though open placid eyes rise
There is no denying one is dying
While tired spirits fight onward
Even as all burdens are relieved
Bones become the fetid monuments
To the emptiness we all believed


Reversal - 2011/03/13

I read something written by nobody
That spoke the opposite in reverse
Looking beyond all the cute antics
It so struck me as rather perverse
While every reading felt incorrect
What hope remains to find a middle
When all paths bleed to a dead end
There lies my mad pertinent riddle

I read it so much now its a jumble
Of letters that form jibber jabber
Logical thoughts revealed paradise
While non sequiturs make me madder
Despite the difficultly I envision
I work to examine deep desperation
Encouraging you to deal loneliness
As mans haughty divine inspiration

My ears hear your words every time
Though it is my brain that refuses
For I am a purveyor of fulfillment
That comes not from quixotic muses
Far be it from me to dictate terms
Your eternal soul is not a concern
For the world still rotates around
Regardless of what we have learned

Please do not read this in reverse
There is no special message hidden
Here today I am speaking literally
Unconcerned with what is forbidden
Live and let live is a great moral
That explains the composition here
Embrace a world in which we differ
Do not confuse rejection with fear


SPLAT - 2011/03/12

Spinning around free of constraints
Unconcerned by ground growing near
Mountains and canyons seem so small
A deficit of oxygen makes it clear
Clouds that once adorned my fantasy
Effortlessly ascend past my person
The world below is the one I admire
Even as every circumstance worsens

Blood in my brain stars in my eyes
If I could breathe I would serenade
Those bound and shackled down below
By the pointlessly engaging charade
High above with a twist of my neck
The world moves as if by my command
For detractors that predict my doom
To the higher authority I so remand

Wind in my eyes dies when they shut
As I return to blissful persistence
Yet I saw grass below still not cut
Despite my annoying loud insistence
If only the plebes below would flap
Their arms about as we have advised
They could fly with the enlightened
In a caste like paradise we devised


Forbearance - 2011/03/10

Pacing and prancing is what they do
Shards of reason scatter in advance
Deep oxygen deprived hallucinations
Outline their mad apocalyptic dance
Flares of a sun among falling stars
Seemingly break the universe in two
Yet the former is but manifestation
To distract from the destiny we rue

Swirling and spinning but implosion
Threatens balance hardly maintained
Insidious fools running to overturn
All of which they refuse to abstain
Ever continuing as planets orbiting
Bright stars they plot to snuff out
Screaming in defiance as the result
Births a vicious taste to cry about

How I would love to drop the facade
Of this terrible course we conjured
While setting it right with a swipe
To those who would leave us injured
Yet these stars still doggedly spin
As gravity maintains a tenuous hold
Accounting for eternal stubbornness
Reason countermands actions so bold


Errand Awry - 2011/03/08

Over many endless dusty hills
Towards the crazy dream we go
As we were already half there
Not even skeptics could say no
A desperate spark of intuition
Lays the path through a desert
Beneath the velvet of darkness
Never was real fear more overt

We journey onward without a map
Every day finding fresh canvas
For with a fear of the unknown
Hope springs eternal from grass
Dying of thirst we still manage
Scavenging for whatever we need
Brutal sun of our so called God
Spawns blur willing us to bleed

If we do reach that destination
Whether on foot or via a breeze
Stories of the trail shall rise
Lets try and remember all these
Lessons of unease and yearning
Ever retreating from the fringe
Discarding illusions of springs
Water lay after the next twinge


Regulator - 2011/03/07

Starving breaths tickle his neck
Harsh greenery assaults his face
Beads of sweat detonate as bombs
When hard pursuer increases pace
He once had a gun but it is lost
Left by the wayside of ruin road
In the hands of the old swindler
He haphazardly attempted to goad

Fists and feet weapons of choice
Of those intent on terrible acts
Fearful and fearless knock it up
Too intent to cover their tracks
Such a simple story out of chaos
First the chase later the rumble
Further down the path lay a body
Where one took that final tumble

There is no moral for this story
It bears no lesson to be learned
As a body lay dead another hides
One got lucky another got burned
Pick a winner I dont really care
Whatever way its my job to chase
For I am the monkey on your back
Shoving the justice in your face


Provocateur - 2011/03/05

A flick of a pebble
Leads to a rumble in the air
Pity those working
Attempting to stop it by will
Our fate approaches
Undaunted by drab bureaucracy
If need be it shall
Envelop every single shill

Come whatever may
Your order remains unacceptable
Waste precious time
Ever expiring with each breath
Preserving a balance
That is quite clearly untenable
Negotiating a truce
Between slowly dying and death

I present the list
Of things that shall not happen
Even as you scheme
To waste my time preventing it
Our goals colliding
What dont we just work together
I have no reason
To rely upon any direction writ

Blood stained walls
Symptoms of victims long passed
Urge me to disembark
From the voyage I now undertake
Ghosts of those before
Warn me of the danger now ahead
Proclaim my damnation
I sacrifice all for your sake

Force of nature
Why is it that you still insist
My next destination
Should be the old forbidden city
Soothe the troubled
As it dawns that I shall arrive
Give them my regards
For their struggle deserves pity


Nightcap - 2011/03/03

Shadows stretch while the sun sinks
Marking the end of a day rushing by
Leading down the ever familiar path
My embrace of the night with a sigh
Sought after and queerly productive
How should I celebrate a battle won
Perhaps with the ever elusive drink
Or indulging in some unexpected fun

Let us forget that tomorrow lingers
The ever encroaching responsibility
Take another shot of what we desire
Never mind their agonizing futility
In this the moment of earned reward
A disconnection is a dream realized
All omens of consequences be damned
As my ransomed freedom is idealized

Surely this is now mine to squander
Imbibing indiscriminately as I wish
Should it matter that come tomorrow
I wont recall the apogee of my dish
As the moon rises that moment fades
Now urging me to plan a return trip
Leaving me tormented as I so wonder
When will I have another lovely sip


Legal Larceny - 2011/03/01

Dingy old table in a run down room
Gunshots outside spelling out doom
Three players seated in old chairs
Puzzle each other with cold stares
Kitchen pantry full of empty space
We got no way to escape this place
Right in the middle there it waits
A dozen fresh cookies on the plate

The first one is a worker on break
Pushing overtime for what he makes
The next is a bitter mad white man
Dressed as a crazy Paul Revere fan
The last one sits in his silk suit
Concerned with acquisition of loot
He points while the first two jerk
As this dark predator goes to work

First two look back lacking brains
To notice one small cookie remains
Silky slimebag sits back and grins
Over his creation two hungry twins
Looking to the colonial in the eye
Slickster says watch that lazy guy
Dont let him take away your cookie
Seize whats yours dont be a rookie