Errand Awry - 2011/03/08

Over many endless dusty hills
Towards the crazy dream we go
As we were already half there
Not even skeptics could say no
A desperate spark of intuition
Lays the path through a desert
Beneath the velvet of darkness
Never was real fear more overt

We journey onward without a map
Every day finding fresh canvas
For with a fear of the unknown
Hope springs eternal from grass
Dying of thirst we still manage
Scavenging for whatever we need
Brutal sun of our so called God
Spawns blur willing us to bleed

If we do reach that destination
Whether on foot or via a breeze
Stories of the trail shall rise
Lets try and remember all these
Lessons of unease and yearning
Ever retreating from the fringe
Discarding illusions of springs
Water lay after the next twinge

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