Forbearance - 2011/03/10

Pacing and prancing is what they do
Shards of reason scatter in advance
Deep oxygen deprived hallucinations
Outline their mad apocalyptic dance
Flares of a sun among falling stars
Seemingly break the universe in two
Yet the former is but manifestation
To distract from the destiny we rue

Swirling and spinning but implosion
Threatens balance hardly maintained
Insidious fools running to overturn
All of which they refuse to abstain
Ever continuing as planets orbiting
Bright stars they plot to snuff out
Screaming in defiance as the result
Births a vicious taste to cry about

How I would love to drop the facade
Of this terrible course we conjured
While setting it right with a swipe
To those who would leave us injured
Yet these stars still doggedly spin
As gravity maintains a tenuous hold
Accounting for eternal stubbornness
Reason countermands actions so bold

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