Gaps - 2011/03/22

There is no smooth surface to caress
Valleys and ridges birth a spectacle
Too unappealing and dangerous beware
Of images within fraudulent reticles
Wipe the thoughts spewing post haste
While the mirror staring back laughs
For bit by bit you join the illusion
A terrible perfection without gaffes

Fools staring in crystals half blind
Cigar in one hand cards in the other
Ears perk up at the slightest tremor
Time stops just to sacrifice another
Pick that one he needs an adjustment
Put down money on when he will crack
What is the purpose what is the goal
Of drawing dismal cogs out to attack

No doubt it is absolutely quite loud
While not trading honesty for smooth
Forget any living soul who will deny
Its being analytical does not soothe
Damn all about who decry the reasons
Listed out and provided upon request
That despite an endless disagreement
This was the course it felt was best

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