Green Monkey - 2011/03/23

Have you ever had one of those days
When all noise became so unbearable
That regardless of their legitimacy
You wanted consequences so terrible
Damn their concerns and confessions
How can that desire deftly override
As they dont bother to leave sanity
To keep me from spewing rage inside

You know the sun orbits around them
For behold the throne in the center
Upon which they are happily perched
Beyond their hell I routinely enter
Today is the day so now is the time
For they have decreed it a priority
Who the fuck gives these mongoloids
Their control and eternal authority

I dance on strings at their command
Belting out tunes just for the deaf
As I am an enabler for mediocrities
Beyond assistant instead their chef
What power enslaves me so very deep
As that green I love grows on trees
Where is that pittance in my pocket
Its gone and why I let them squeeze

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