Heretic Hideaway - 2011/03/19

Tools exist every which a way
Fools prance about every day
One in the same is what I see
Fantasy fermenting births glee
Seeking suckers come together
To revel in ignorance forever

Hold your hands in the sphere
As his presence beckons there
Ritual and rhetoric and rhyme
Never defeat an almighty stare
So just forget about the world
Royal believers get whats fair

Herald the age of the children
Dressing deceptively as adults
Their diapers changed by cults
Decrypt every sad spoiled word
Understand grace explains rage
For fairy tales are their cage

Armed to the teeth on a plain
Pacing onward toward oblivion
Ignoring the coming hard rain
Violence and hate is the game
When those who refuse to play
End up torn apart all the same

Woe be unto them when that day
Fails to transcend as they say
May we then find much strength
To keep jesters at arms length
When we craft a better destiny
Rife with our beautiful heresy

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