Legal Larceny - 2011/03/01

Dingy old table in a run down room
Gunshots outside spelling out doom
Three players seated in old chairs
Puzzle each other with cold stares
Kitchen pantry full of empty space
We got no way to escape this place
Right in the middle there it waits
A dozen fresh cookies on the plate

The first one is a worker on break
Pushing overtime for what he makes
The next is a bitter mad white man
Dressed as a crazy Paul Revere fan
The last one sits in his silk suit
Concerned with acquisition of loot
He points while the first two jerk
As this dark predator goes to work

First two look back lacking brains
To notice one small cookie remains
Silky slimebag sits back and grins
Over his creation two hungry twins
Looking to the colonial in the eye
Slickster says watch that lazy guy
Dont let him take away your cookie
Seize whats yours dont be a rookie

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