Metamorphosis - 2011/03/14

On tired feet the road stretches
To that unforgiving hazy horizon
One load carried bears down hard
Even moreso as the sun is rising
Each step becomes a deadly trial
Every bead of sweat is life gone
So it can hardly come as a shock
Those on dry knees see next dawn

Yet even that solace cannot last
When atrocious tormentors return
Delusions of persecution proceed
To piss on the ashes they burned
With that a final chapter begins
Wherein tough protagonist crawls
Littering the road with dramatic
Decidely incoherent dust scrawls

Death is a master for it beckons
Even those on their backs frying
For though open placid eyes rise
There is no denying one is dying
While tired spirits fight onward
Even as all burdens are relieved
Bones become the fetid monuments
To the emptiness we all believed

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