My Sire, My Shepard - 2011/03/20

I feel ready to serve at your whim
Please tell me what it is you need
Today I am your willing instrument
Your wishes are all I yearn to heed
I will wield skills of our artisans
If you would just provide the seed
They arent vassals under my command
But they will be yours if you lead

Here lies a stream lacking its head
If you want to define its direction
A river bed must be lain on purpose
Or your efforts only risk rejection
So by all means define a destination
But do not forget that this campaign
Needs a leader versed in the mundane
Rather than a new menace to be slain

If these words confuse and confound
Nobel aristocracy should reconsider
As you are ill suited for the hopes
Beyond vision of the highest bidder
There is no need for armies to rise
We do not subscribe to such turmoil
As we kneel here now boldly unarmed
Bereft of dark machinations to foil

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