Nightcap - 2011/03/03

Shadows stretch while the sun sinks
Marking the end of a day rushing by
Leading down the ever familiar path
My embrace of the night with a sigh
Sought after and queerly productive
How should I celebrate a battle won
Perhaps with the ever elusive drink
Or indulging in some unexpected fun

Let us forget that tomorrow lingers
The ever encroaching responsibility
Take another shot of what we desire
Never mind their agonizing futility
In this the moment of earned reward
A disconnection is a dream realized
All omens of consequences be damned
As my ransomed freedom is idealized

Surely this is now mine to squander
Imbibing indiscriminately as I wish
Should it matter that come tomorrow
I wont recall the apogee of my dish
As the moon rises that moment fades
Now urging me to plan a return trip
Leaving me tormented as I so wonder
When will I have another lovely sip

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