Parasites - 2011/03/15

In a broke down town
Me and my homies ride
Armed to the teeth
For predators outside
Rolling with top down
Running low on cash
Looking for some action
To refill our stash

Dont cross our path now
From bystander to victim
Thats the price you pay
Consider that our dictum
Sure we roll strapped
Damn we need protection
When trigger happy fools
Kick off an insurrection

When the action dies down
We grab the major corners
Dont sell in our territory
Unless you want mourners
If you dont like our ways
Get bent you motherfuckers
Before you and your family
End up capped like suckers

This is the life we lead
Dog eats dog heres a clue
We protect all our people
From wannabes like you
Of course they pay for it
You know nothing is free
We are helping our people
Why the hell cant you see

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