Provocateur - 2011/03/05

A flick of a pebble
Leads to a rumble in the air
Pity those working
Attempting to stop it by will
Our fate approaches
Undaunted by drab bureaucracy
If need be it shall
Envelop every single shill

Come whatever may
Your order remains unacceptable
Waste precious time
Ever expiring with each breath
Preserving a balance
That is quite clearly untenable
Negotiating a truce
Between slowly dying and death

I present the list
Of things that shall not happen
Even as you scheme
To waste my time preventing it
Our goals colliding
What dont we just work together
I have no reason
To rely upon any direction writ

Blood stained walls
Symptoms of victims long passed
Urge me to disembark
From the voyage I now undertake
Ghosts of those before
Warn me of the danger now ahead
Proclaim my damnation
I sacrifice all for your sake

Force of nature
Why is it that you still insist
My next destination
Should be the old forbidden city
Soothe the troubled
As it dawns that I shall arrive
Give them my regards
For their struggle deserves pity

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