Rejuvenator - 2011/03/20

Voices in my head shut the hell up
If I am really insane then so what
Words of many personalities spiral
From sly mouths leaving me in a rut
While it seems my meaningless words
Leave you the bitch and me the mutt

Just outside lies a nice spring day
But I prefer to waste away thinking
About those things outside my reach
Bad inspiration mixed with drinking
How does a vile combination produce
When my mental mechanism is sinking

Yet perhaps it is just my daft game
Meant to provoke predicted response
So long as nobody pays any attention
There can be no maturity renaissance
Yet your feedback is not my concern
Excuse the unapologetic nonchalance

Their attempts at conversation lack
Some people ask about my profession
Damn your lies I am dire disruption
Heres my goal as well as confession
These are the hands on the keyboard
Fighting to reinvent our progression

Act as you will for my point is made
Power of this idea lies in neutrality
What is undone will one day be remade
Without struggle we have no vitality
There is no force with which I align
As the actual enemy is irrationality

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