Relativity - 2011/03/27

Loud catcalls of that crowd echo
Across the prism of my existence
Drowning out the voice of reason
Despite much ongoing persistence
Torrential rains feed that flood
Which now captures our attention
Even as I ignore the consequence
Of the fact Im slowly descending

On that edge where I still exist
My change is relatively obscured
As the difference between myself
And all below renders it blurred
Yet on those few days of clarity
When I see the state of my sewer
Rather than grapple with reality
I revert to the powerless viewer

In that hole where I am destined
To meet personally with the dirt
Lies a new shovel waiting for me
Growing closer with every effort
For on my elevator that descends
A bellhop is asking for my floor
Every answer leads to the bottom
While I refuse to force the door

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