Reversal - 2011/03/13

I read something written by nobody
That spoke the opposite in reverse
Looking beyond all the cute antics
It so struck me as rather perverse
While every reading felt incorrect
What hope remains to find a middle
When all paths bleed to a dead end
There lies my mad pertinent riddle

I read it so much now its a jumble
Of letters that form jibber jabber
Logical thoughts revealed paradise
While non sequiturs make me madder
Despite the difficultly I envision
I work to examine deep desperation
Encouraging you to deal loneliness
As mans haughty divine inspiration

My ears hear your words every time
Though it is my brain that refuses
For I am a purveyor of fulfillment
That comes not from quixotic muses
Far be it from me to dictate terms
Your eternal soul is not a concern
For the world still rotates around
Regardless of what we have learned

Please do not read this in reverse
There is no special message hidden
Here today I am speaking literally
Unconcerned with what is forbidden
Live and let live is a great moral
That explains the composition here
Embrace a world in which we differ
Do not confuse rejection with fear

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