Shamrock Seven - 2011/03/17

These hands are mine that built
Buildings angry eyes saw tumble
Fueled by my heart which yearns
For a guiding star ever humble
My ears hear their super sonic
Contraptions moving to restore
Can it even really still matter
When those of will lost the war
Bombed to oblivion my last gasp
Is what kids will have to grasp

Generation unchallenged leveled
Ruins of what was so stupendous
Lost within a microcosm of odds
Strength bowed to the tremendous
Scattered and lost in the tremor
Yet long ago we forgot the taste
Of mundane and humble beginnings
Which fate reasserted post haste
All missing now very unforgotten
Know that anything can go rotten

Spouts and spigots at full blast
Supplies of shamrocks do dwindle
Forget the world as we celebrate
Drink heavily in selfish swindle
Toast to every brother and sister
Kidnapped by the more dismal fate
Respect that price they pay today
As the luck we have is not innate
If you do wake to a foreign world
Recall all else our fate unfurled

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