SPLAT - 2011/03/12

Spinning around free of constraints
Unconcerned by ground growing near
Mountains and canyons seem so small
A deficit of oxygen makes it clear
Clouds that once adorned my fantasy
Effortlessly ascend past my person
The world below is the one I admire
Even as every circumstance worsens

Blood in my brain stars in my eyes
If I could breathe I would serenade
Those bound and shackled down below
By the pointlessly engaging charade
High above with a twist of my neck
The world moves as if by my command
For detractors that predict my doom
To the higher authority I so remand

Wind in my eyes dies when they shut
As I return to blissful persistence
Yet I saw grass below still not cut
Despite my annoying loud insistence
If only the plebes below would flap
Their arms about as we have advised
They could fly with the enlightened
In a caste like paradise we devised

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