Splinter - 2011/03/26

Happy and joyful dull masses play
Callously whittling away each day
Good times sadly never quite last
Their circumstances changing fast
Endless parties go self propelled
Past the very few warnings yelled
Who dares to stand firm and argue
He holds power to save all of you

Shout him down he sows discontent
He has given up cause he is spent
If he wont back off and acquiesce
We will part company with finesse
Words for a fool linger no longer
For no discord leaves us stronger
Resistance has a price if you try
Anything further means you so die

Many happy years fly right on by
Leading to a future past the sky
Behold this is the era of famine
Born of ideas we didnt reexamine
Where oh where is our malcontent
Why didnt we go wherever he went
Here lay the nature of the beast
For all famine follows the feast

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