Thaumaturgist - 2011/03/28

Old grizzled man stomping around
Eerily mute despite their sounds
Spectators with amazement oozing
Unaware their naiveté is amusing
For to the fools it is but magic
A fact that old man finds tragic
For over the years he has taught
Without the reward he has sought

For the lemmings were his garden
Which he tended with loving care
He sacrificed greatly and taught
All lessons with naught to spare
Now they exhibit no real ability
To understand these ideas shared
Leaving him sarcastically bitter
Ever wondering why he once cared

Mark this moment you now witness
When good master becomes a shell
As he judges his lack of fitness
A crime worthy of continual hell
For it was his rough rugged hand
That reached deep into the abyss
Pulling the unforgettable strand
Of dissonance driving him remiss

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