The Third Law - 2011/04/29

I wish to see sparks of terror
Welling up in those dusty eyes
I hope burning asphalt muffles
Your futile and chilling cries
Each shovel of dirt emphasizes
The punishment that I designed
To remind you of the many sins
With which you are so confined

Buried alive beneath the earth
Time becomes of no consequence
For now you shall suffer alone
As all your air dwindles hence
Terrible is the persecutor who
Designed this cruel fatal trap
Listen for he is the one above
Laughing loudly with each clap

What have I done how am I here
Why wont he listen to my pleas
Air is thin and brains muddled
Every second here is a disease
I hammered I screamed I begged
He responded coldly and direct
Its time to die you hollow man
In luxury your greed did erect


Intellectual Plea - 2011/04/27

Todays crazies got a good dose
Of the answers they begged for
While the sane patiently waited
To show the jesters to the door

Now it appears fools do not care
Evidence is not a huge deterrent
When our president is not white
Theories dont need to be current

So strap in for here we go again
Its the same old script rehashed
Listen to the fools piddle about
As a country we love is trashed

If you wish to fully understand
Why I think our time is so short
You need only look to discourse
Birthed from idiots who distort

Its time to discard dumb causes
While looking inside to discuss
Forget whatever your party says
And consider our situation thus

Turn off those cable news shows
Staffed by corporate mouthpieces
And lets wise up and figure out
A solution before time decreases


Blunt - 2011/04/26

I woke up today feeling resigned
To another day in all I designed
After a quick shower and a shave
All I could think of was a grave
So I had some terribly drab food
Then milled around just to brood
Eventually getting into the ride
That would take me to other side

I sprung up yesterday so excited
For results not so short sighted
Simply to learn that only I care
Pretending others did wasnt fair
Eventually deciding to so forget
An oncoming future I will regret
Instead deciding to play for fun
Ending a rather professional run

Lost in the ancient distant past
Is me building something to last
Working so diligently to improve
So that you would simply approve
I remember many days lived prior
When I lived to fight every fire
Before realizing that your caste
Was just a haven for the dumbass


Miscarriage - 2011/04/24

Justiciars armed and at ready
Riding horses of great import
Soaking up yells of the crowd
They march their way to court
All facts of their case known
They shall pronounce sentence
The cheers of simple peasants
Declare desire for repentance

Yet not all is as we expected
For their charges are dropped
Agreed to a pittance in trade
Leaving the heads not chopped
So they slink freedom in hand
Beyond the just searing light
Back to their darkened towers
Beyond the reach of our spite

We stare on at dismal wonders
Heads bowed for hearts broken
Our faith in those justiciars
Nothing more than a sad token
Here our rags smell of sterno
In our hands there is nothing
Yet we search now for weapons
For the law has been bluffing


Scandinavian Star - 2011/04/22

Tempest ravaged locks of hair
Of one who dares to look back
There she stands for all time
Frozen in dark metallic black
Beside her this world changes
Ever more displaced from pain
As even without a strong wind
We see as it ruffles her mane

What ruin did she dare depart
And sad regret made her stare
Perhaps she never left at all
Lost with child she has there
Flames ravaging for the winds
A tragic incompetence fueling
Battle between life and death
Natural forces always dueling

Why is the question remaining
But its one she shall not ask
Nor did we as her trespassers
Were never even taken to task
So there she stands by a port
Where many mothers shall pass
Telling us of those only seen
Through ancient looking glass


Bloodlines - 2011/04/21

Wretched family hunker down
Islands amongst one another
Bloody leaf on faint breeze
A soul of somebodys brother
Sheer rock face sits rising
The last waypoint on a path
When empty children measure
Destruction born from wrath

Once a man now but the husk
Drawing water from the well
Tainted with eternal poison
That bares a portal to hell
Of what spark will we speak
As we dig to bury the other
If the killer is the father
Leaving protector as mother

Orders are but little words
Whispered by those not dead
For the rain cannot cleanse
Old ground of all that bled
Yet for all who so remember
Tales in books ever ignored
There lies a quiet blue sky
For peace one cannot afford


Fools Gold - 2011/04/20

We sing going going gone
Distant speck in the sky
Down here on dull ground
You seem impossibly high
Ascension is tricky bait
Waving and tempting rats
That endeavor to nothing
But fly with other gnats

Feathers of aging eagles
Spiral beyond jetstreams
For those few very lucky
Reigniting buried dreams
Seeds of a stalk planted
In hopes of great growth
Shed dead leaves to rain
Upon lovely broken oaths

Visages of colored glass
Bleed through worn soles
Rough path once traveled
Births the ruin of souls
Where they went and live
So very different places
The valid truth of which
Lies below perfect faces


American Rube - 2011/04/19

Beau was a slow fellow
He came from that town
Where business was bad
And people were down
His parents were hicks
Of the most cliché sort
Who thought cow tipping
Was a professional sport

Against the tough odds
He finally got a shot
Neighbors were elated
Screaming Great Scott
He waited on his turn
Stood in heat all day
When he got on stage
He sung it all his way

Three judges were agape
All words simply failed
One got violently sick
And another just bailed
The last just lingered
Staring down poor Beau
Before flatly stating
You really suck so go

Without a single word
Excepting a small tear
Beau went to his family
Cause they did not hear
When he spread the news
They were quite pissed
And wanted to find out
What the judges missed

So they stormed inside
Ready to kick some ass
They were really drunk
And stoned on the grass
Security was prepared
To escort them all out
After the douche host
Asked what it was about

A mother with a mullet
Stepped forth to answer
Crying about how Beau
Was her singing dancer
A father with his beer
Claimed to be relieved
As Beau cannot be queer
If judges are believed

His brother just quipped
This means I am the best
Cause I shoot squirrels
In a camo hunting vest
One final member spoke
The lone adopted sister
I apologize for all of
The white trash mister

They think Beau sings
Like a million bucks
But they love country
So their taste sucks
If Beau sings outside
All the nearby strays
Seek shelter and hide
Yet my parents praise

So Beau has no talent
He will just pump gas
Never saving a penny
Living on his fat ass
Check out our family
Take in this our fate
This is what we get
When we dont educate

Ignis Fatuus - 2011/04/19

Deep darkness transitions to gray
Illuminated paths revealed the way
In time this will be called light
For now it is an escape from night
It is a whisper on a faint breeze
Delicate and fragile as you please
A determined cornucopia of sights
More complex than blacks and whites

Herein lies the riddle I now tell
How can it be free within our cell
Constraints and conditions stacked
Leave the foundation quite cracked
Yet more and more we stack on top
Professing our love for this prop
Even as we turn to outright abuse
While it quietly crafts our noose

Is this the moment in which I wake
Or find this nightmare is not fake
Lay your gaze on a desperate fable
Ante undone after its on the table
For we are Gods crafting creation
With power to fix this foundation
Unless we forget that its a dream
Leaving it as bad as it does seem


Deja Vu - 2011/04/18

Racing down a dusty boulevard
In the rain with the top down
Swerving wildly left and right
To hit potholes in the ground

Wind in the hair driving fast
Buck naked grasping the wheel
Looking around so I can return
This fine machine I did steal

Hurriedly rolling down windows
To thank the driver out front
Yelling at the top of my lungs
Apologizing for my dumb stunt

Pulling right over to the side
So that I can talk on my phone
While I pick up the hitchhiker
Cause tattoos look cool stoned

Jolted awake by the annoyance
Glistening in sweat and hoarse
Slamming snooze for more time
Yet reality has won of course

Up and at them for another day
As I forget the dream so queer
Only to climb into that sedan
And remember it loud and clear


Notice - 2011/04/17

The time has come
Departure is near
Why I must leave
Has become clear
I shall not weave
Many more tricks
So look elsewhere
For your next fix

Perdition is over
Escape is now nigh
After much thought
It is time to fly
Leaving once again
Forges the villain
The newfound enemy
Of tools unwilling

I the anachronism
Wish you farewell
Only the penitent
Deserve this hell
You left me to rot
As I tried to save
The mad addiction
Of fools enslaved

It is our interests
That have inspired
My battle for them
Leaves me so tired
Withdrawing is easy
Leaving is so tough
Yet of your lunacy
I have had enough


Ethos - 2011/04/14

I see nothing
Streaks of fire
Scorch the sky
I do not exist
Silent moments
Make me ask why

I am silent
Ignoring howls
Of all in pain
I just sleep
As the future
Is softly slain

I am alone
Others live on
Quite separate
They mourn me
Trapped by all
I did create

I, Apostate - 2011/04/14

Shining baubles tempt my eyes
To see manna for the faithful
Ever tumbling from grey skies

This is the key to the lockbox
Where your concerns are housed
Unaffected by steadfast clocks

Psychedelic visions so spawning
A defect that viciously infects
Leaving ones lucid slow yawning

Pale beggar occupies a sidewalk
He neither moves nor now speaks
Within the draft of white chalk

Armed with just our imagination
Faced with a fast darkening fog
Looking only for good vibration

Legal narcotics stymie the tide
Of logic marching toward battle
Leaving offspring eager to ride

If this is our radical progress
Why do I wield my broken shovel
Digging in wastes of our excess

A broken spirit now drives lust
An eclipse of verifiable reason
So I leave or submit as we must


Souse - 2011/04/12

Segers melodies fill the grimy air
Penetrating the background murmurs
Dirty taps operating at full blast
Gorging on excess of tired earners
Smokes of the few get passed about
When the euphoric buzz aint enough
For friends and strangers who talk
Of worldly burdens and need a puff

The feeling is fickle and soon lost
Circumstances change while it fades
Cold harsh air of the early morning
Awakens troubles lost in the trades
Wobbling home for the transient nap
Hoping for the few seconds of peace
As the vicious cycle circles around
That puts precious moments on lease

Some let it go and wander away free
Others clutch onto it for dear life
While predators prey on those fools
Who wield pain as if it was a knife
This is my ballad of flowing spirit
For kept men who straddle that line
Where some swig their troubles away
In jealously of those who live fine


Reciprocation - 2011/04/10

Words borne by a sudden draft
Discarded when the time comes
Who is the sucker of the hour
Tough primate with two thumbs
Lure me with your lovely bait
Tell me tales I yearn to hear
Then threaten to take it away
Taking advantage of dark fear

Eyes of a veteran had seen it
Unleashed upon waves of fools
Each one steadily progressing
From equals to suitable tools
Brain respected knew the game
Yet desperately took the bait
Perhaps getting fucked by you
Remains the one deserved fate

Like all of the others I know
Escape is now my primary path
Years of preparation paid off
Soon you shall taste my wrath
But not before I make my mark
You wont be allowed to forget
While I so slowly draw you in
Preparing our feast of regret


Wretched - 2011/04/09

We squandered all of the money
So we could pollute fresh air
While irradiating clean water
Cause we dont even really care
All the old growth trees burn
Obscuring the dying angry sun
Instead of teaching you better
We hand you a uniform and gun

Raise that old flag and salute
Pledge your undying allegiance
Even as we trade your futures
For the slightest convenience
Watch a penultimate superpower
Who believe that they are last
Burn and spiral out of control
As they have run short of gas

Maybe the children will learn
Free of all those distractions
That obscure darkening reality
Chaining us to old abstractions
If such a miracle came to pass
I daresay we would take credit
Though it seems very unlikely
As I doubt we will ever let it


Bait and Switch - 2011/04/08

Children bicker back and forth
Screechy voices making demands
Passing by every single chance
To save all from sinking sands

Behold weak leaders we spawned
On a swinging pendulum of fear
Watching us fall into an abyss
Pushed by sadists who do cheer

Pull the precious infant close
While ground starts to tremble
Because after it all collapses
Brave new worlds will assemble

Alright I will now freely admit
My last stanza was a bit insane
Who wants to scream obscenities
At politicians with tiny brains

We send them up for a simple job
Instead they squander their term
Designing creative laws that rob
The poor the weak and the infirm

So pardon me for my violent urge
But arent you tired of this shit
Dont you want to share that rage
With those fools even just a bit


Fetid Heart - 2011/04/07

Sword in the scabbard
Armored horse mounted
I tell you a dire tale
Of the fool uncounted
The reins in his hands
He rode off to battle
His friends now share
Only his death rattle

At the hint of trouble
He bellowed and charged
Perhaps many tall tales
Left his ego enlarged
He fell from the saddle
Within the smelly marsh
Consequences of which
Were simply quite harsh

Yet what was more dire
Was a smell that arose
A pungent offensiveness
That assaulted the nose
Yes that fellow lived
To see many more days
Yet his life was over
In many notable ways

For this smell was one
That would never fade
No matter the scrubbing
Or effort that was paid
No princess could he woo
Armed with such a stench
As he even scared away
The ugliest damn wench

He retired as a hermit
Squirreled away in a cave
Tales of his stink grew
Told by many drunk knave
Yet it is with fondness
That we recall his name
As the vile smell of his
Won our war all the same


Deafening - 2011/04/06

Lazy pale lips lay lifeless
Gritty glass blocks my view
Sorry sense of self settles
As I know nothing I can rue
Drab box is a new partition
Built using strong material
Now this island unto myself
Makes the world so ethereal

The backup measures include
Ten digits to fill our ears
And works of divine fantasy
To allay my innermost fears
Protest if you are inclined
We hear only ones converted
There is no gain in dealing
With logic of the perverted

You carry keys to my prison
Silly fool this is my place
Where I meditate and ponder
Our master I will soon face
In this room I am protected
Facts and figures fall flat
For if I refuse to hear you
There cannot be a real chat


Hate Thy Neighbor - 2011/04/04

We follow the man in sandals
Because he was a nice fellow
Though they ignore his words
When it comes time to bellow
He never claimed possessions
Nor charged for his services
Yet pennies those pious give
Bolsters miserly nervousness

He resisted tough temptation
Putting aside easy solutions
Even as they enact a revenge
On trespassers via execution
He preached for the silenced
Touched hearts of the wicked
Yet his followers decry that
Using old words they twisted

Yet there they are each week
Passing around a shiny plate
Gathering the funds to erect
A structure in which to hate
Assuming every life is short
And loving all is divine law
Why cant those angry realize
They exist within Satans maw

Recap - 2011/04/04

Clowns on the left
Jokers on the right
Caricatures arguing
Every fucking night

Words of great zeal
Spawn ideas of fluff
When will we decide
That enough is enough

Put food on the table
And roof over my head
Just so I can forget
My neighbor is dead

Greed is the policy
For moral and amoral
Different yet similar
They have no quarrel

I will voice concerns
Many must surely share
For handful who know
The field is not fair

Soft thoughtful words
Meet many closed ears
Logic cant penetrate
Their battle of jeers

Proud language evolves
To encompass the shit
Sinking to a new low
Lacking admirable wit

While I feel relieved
This hammers my mind
Urging me to imagine
Solace I cannot find

Sustenance - 2011/04/04

Cog in the machine is ever turning
A petty part of an inane mechanism
Every operator sleeps at the wheel
Fully unaware of the actual schism
It hungers for the stuff of dreams
Consuming without a care or regard
Delicate trash is its final result
Leaving the awake angry and jarred

Sailor on a ship without a captain
How do you know where to find port
This rabble is operating all alone
As turning the wheel is just sport
Sailing headlong towards sure hell
Do not assume the craft shall turn
While overt apathetic listlessness
Guarantees the old ship shall burn

In the sky above there is the moon
Illuminating dark shapes wandering
Soon to be replaced by the new sun
To put an end to great squandering
Unless the mantel is never claimed
In which case progress surely ends
While thralls consume silly dreams
Upon which a decent future depends


Devolution - 2011/04/03

Throw all of the old pens out
To burn with the yellow paper
Their function is dilapidated
Memories of use are now vapor
Ride horsemen ride to stables
Disposing of my bridles quick
And silence steady companions
For meat that leaves you sick

Out with your old in with new
Damn those living in the past
A future arrives so we forget
The pertinent question to ask
Yet it apparently matters not
For questions are not allowed
As they only emerge from lips
Of ancients already disavowed

Funnily I can no longer write
Trusty laptop is on the fritz
I lack late savvy to diagnose
Any magical wonder that quits
And I cannot secure transport
To the wizard with that power
With my broken motor carriage
As walking would take an hour


Instant Coup - 2011/04/02

Aged scotch jitters in a glass
As I listen to tales he weaves
My eyes glaze over so suddenly
Even as he crafts and deceives
My mad mind helplessly wanders
Past elms of a nightmare muted
Pursuing a shining white light
Of the childhood ever polluted

How those wise wish to believe
Tales of justice and the right
Forgetting fools on weak knees
Killing opportunity each night
Many voices command all around
Yet it is the action demanding
That we move with swift intent
Rather than foolishly standing

Let your eyes see my menagerie
The twisted drama of the vague
While your nostrils choke with
An initial wisp of your plague
For rough tales callously told
In a drunken and fragile state
Might unexpectedly now trigger
An instant coup of steady fate

Transient - 2011/04/02

Popularity quickly rising
Simultaneously fading fast
Like a storm over the hill
It never was going to last
Remnants of my life dry up
Facing a dry cracked plain
Clinging to a singular hope
For a single drop of rain

Is this the way it must be
In the outskirts of paradise
Hopes are my oasis of regret
Wafting away looking so nice
In the corner of this foyer
Not any dream exists at all
Leaving me with no more than
Insane ramblings on the wall

Solitary stranger now travels
Down what he thinks is a road
Searching for signs of a life
A presence which was foretold
Eyes quite open ears so shut
An ethereal phantasm flies by
Foolish wanderer notices not
Ever staring at the empty sky