Bait and Switch - 2011/04/08

Children bicker back and forth
Screechy voices making demands
Passing by every single chance
To save all from sinking sands

Behold weak leaders we spawned
On a swinging pendulum of fear
Watching us fall into an abyss
Pushed by sadists who do cheer

Pull the precious infant close
While ground starts to tremble
Because after it all collapses
Brave new worlds will assemble

Alright I will now freely admit
My last stanza was a bit insane
Who wants to scream obscenities
At politicians with tiny brains

We send them up for a simple job
Instead they squander their term
Designing creative laws that rob
The poor the weak and the infirm

So pardon me for my violent urge
But arent you tired of this shit
Dont you want to share that rage
With those fools even just a bit

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