Blunt - 2011/04/26

I woke up today feeling resigned
To another day in all I designed
After a quick shower and a shave
All I could think of was a grave
So I had some terribly drab food
Then milled around just to brood
Eventually getting into the ride
That would take me to other side

I sprung up yesterday so excited
For results not so short sighted
Simply to learn that only I care
Pretending others did wasnt fair
Eventually deciding to so forget
An oncoming future I will regret
Instead deciding to play for fun
Ending a rather professional run

Lost in the ancient distant past
Is me building something to last
Working so diligently to improve
So that you would simply approve
I remember many days lived prior
When I lived to fight every fire
Before realizing that your caste
Was just a haven for the dumbass

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