Deja Vu - 2011/04/18

Racing down a dusty boulevard
In the rain with the top down
Swerving wildly left and right
To hit potholes in the ground

Wind in the hair driving fast
Buck naked grasping the wheel
Looking around so I can return
This fine machine I did steal

Hurriedly rolling down windows
To thank the driver out front
Yelling at the top of my lungs
Apologizing for my dumb stunt

Pulling right over to the side
So that I can talk on my phone
While I pick up the hitchhiker
Cause tattoos look cool stoned

Jolted awake by the annoyance
Glistening in sweat and hoarse
Slamming snooze for more time
Yet reality has won of course

Up and at them for another day
As I forget the dream so queer
Only to climb into that sedan
And remember it loud and clear

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