Ignis Fatuus - 2011/04/19

Deep darkness transitions to gray
Illuminated paths revealed the way
In time this will be called light
For now it is an escape from night
It is a whisper on a faint breeze
Delicate and fragile as you please
A determined cornucopia of sights
More complex than blacks and whites

Herein lies the riddle I now tell
How can it be free within our cell
Constraints and conditions stacked
Leave the foundation quite cracked
Yet more and more we stack on top
Professing our love for this prop
Even as we turn to outright abuse
While it quietly crafts our noose

Is this the moment in which I wake
Or find this nightmare is not fake
Lay your gaze on a desperate fable
Ante undone after its on the table
For we are Gods crafting creation
With power to fix this foundation
Unless we forget that its a dream
Leaving it as bad as it does seem

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