Instant Coup - 2011/04/02

Aged scotch jitters in a glass
As I listen to tales he weaves
My eyes glaze over so suddenly
Even as he crafts and deceives
My mad mind helplessly wanders
Past elms of a nightmare muted
Pursuing a shining white light
Of the childhood ever polluted

How those wise wish to believe
Tales of justice and the right
Forgetting fools on weak knees
Killing opportunity each night
Many voices command all around
Yet it is the action demanding
That we move with swift intent
Rather than foolishly standing

Let your eyes see my menagerie
The twisted drama of the vague
While your nostrils choke with
An initial wisp of your plague
For rough tales callously told
In a drunken and fragile state
Might unexpectedly now trigger
An instant coup of steady fate

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