Intellectual Plea - 2011/04/27

Todays crazies got a good dose
Of the answers they begged for
While the sane patiently waited
To show the jesters to the door

Now it appears fools do not care
Evidence is not a huge deterrent
When our president is not white
Theories dont need to be current

So strap in for here we go again
Its the same old script rehashed
Listen to the fools piddle about
As a country we love is trashed

If you wish to fully understand
Why I think our time is so short
You need only look to discourse
Birthed from idiots who distort

Its time to discard dumb causes
While looking inside to discuss
Forget whatever your party says
And consider our situation thus

Turn off those cable news shows
Staffed by corporate mouthpieces
And lets wise up and figure out
A solution before time decreases

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