Recap - 2011/04/04

Clowns on the left
Jokers on the right
Caricatures arguing
Every fucking night

Words of great zeal
Spawn ideas of fluff
When will we decide
That enough is enough

Put food on the table
And roof over my head
Just so I can forget
My neighbor is dead

Greed is the policy
For moral and amoral
Different yet similar
They have no quarrel

I will voice concerns
Many must surely share
For handful who know
The field is not fair

Soft thoughtful words
Meet many closed ears
Logic cant penetrate
Their battle of jeers

Proud language evolves
To encompass the shit
Sinking to a new low
Lacking admirable wit

While I feel relieved
This hammers my mind
Urging me to imagine
Solace I cannot find

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