Reciprocation - 2011/04/10

Words borne by a sudden draft
Discarded when the time comes
Who is the sucker of the hour
Tough primate with two thumbs
Lure me with your lovely bait
Tell me tales I yearn to hear
Then threaten to take it away
Taking advantage of dark fear

Eyes of a veteran had seen it
Unleashed upon waves of fools
Each one steadily progressing
From equals to suitable tools
Brain respected knew the game
Yet desperately took the bait
Perhaps getting fucked by you
Remains the one deserved fate

Like all of the others I know
Escape is now my primary path
Years of preparation paid off
Soon you shall taste my wrath
But not before I make my mark
You wont be allowed to forget
While I so slowly draw you in
Preparing our feast of regret

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