Souse - 2011/04/12

Segers melodies fill the grimy air
Penetrating the background murmurs
Dirty taps operating at full blast
Gorging on excess of tired earners
Smokes of the few get passed about
When the euphoric buzz aint enough
For friends and strangers who talk
Of worldly burdens and need a puff

The feeling is fickle and soon lost
Circumstances change while it fades
Cold harsh air of the early morning
Awakens troubles lost in the trades
Wobbling home for the transient nap
Hoping for the few seconds of peace
As the vicious cycle circles around
That puts precious moments on lease

Some let it go and wander away free
Others clutch onto it for dear life
While predators prey on those fools
Who wield pain as if it was a knife
This is my ballad of flowing spirit
For kept men who straddle that line
Where some swig their troubles away
In jealously of those who live fine

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