The Third Law - 2011/04/29

I wish to see sparks of terror
Welling up in those dusty eyes
I hope burning asphalt muffles
Your futile and chilling cries
Each shovel of dirt emphasizes
The punishment that I designed
To remind you of the many sins
With which you are so confined

Buried alive beneath the earth
Time becomes of no consequence
For now you shall suffer alone
As all your air dwindles hence
Terrible is the persecutor who
Designed this cruel fatal trap
Listen for he is the one above
Laughing loudly with each clap

What have I done how am I here
Why wont he listen to my pleas
Air is thin and brains muddled
Every second here is a disease
I hammered I screamed I begged
He responded coldly and direct
Its time to die you hollow man
In luxury your greed did erect

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