Transient - 2011/04/02

Popularity quickly rising
Simultaneously fading fast
Like a storm over the hill
It never was going to last
Remnants of my life dry up
Facing a dry cracked plain
Clinging to a singular hope
For a single drop of rain

Is this the way it must be
In the outskirts of paradise
Hopes are my oasis of regret
Wafting away looking so nice
In the corner of this foyer
Not any dream exists at all
Leaving me with no more than
Insane ramblings on the wall

Solitary stranger now travels
Down what he thinks is a road
Searching for signs of a life
A presence which was foretold
Eyes quite open ears so shut
An ethereal phantasm flies by
Foolish wanderer notices not
Ever staring at the empty sky

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