Wretched - 2011/04/09

We squandered all of the money
So we could pollute fresh air
While irradiating clean water
Cause we dont even really care
All the old growth trees burn
Obscuring the dying angry sun
Instead of teaching you better
We hand you a uniform and gun

Raise that old flag and salute
Pledge your undying allegiance
Even as we trade your futures
For the slightest convenience
Watch a penultimate superpower
Who believe that they are last
Burn and spiral out of control
As they have run short of gas

Maybe the children will learn
Free of all those distractions
That obscure darkening reality
Chaining us to old abstractions
If such a miracle came to pass
I daresay we would take credit
Though it seems very unlikely
As I doubt we will ever let it

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