Blueprint - 2011/05/29

Silent heavily armed hostiles
Gliding between the waypoints
Following orders of an entity
One not allowed to disappoint
Strategy based on predication
Of moves determined from afar
To stop advancement of forces
And so it begins time to spar

Unit 1 waits and takes a shot
An enemy has been neutralized
Unit 2 breaks quick for cover
Not before the enemy realized
Unit 3 flanks another hostile
Leaving him no way to respond
Unit 4 is sprayed from behind
The attacker quickly absconds

Tactical recommends a retreat
Hostiles wield full advantage
Two more enemies are engaging
Our intel has been mismanaged
Escape is a negative tactical
You shall assault and succeed
So be it control but know now
Our men out there shall bleed


Ablaze - 2011/05/28

Men in metal wield gaseous flames
The rising smoke scars a dark sky
They burn to wipe out every trace
Of a secret sown in each sad face

What was done shall not be undone
The past is impervious to revenge
Men of duty will not question why
Which is why all of them must die

Armies of peasants knives in hand
Freshly stolen from warm kitchens
Puncture the jugulars of firebugs
Leaving them to lay dead as thugs

They came to kill and left ghosts
Their ashes scattered to the wind
In hell they comfort dead friends
Here on Earth this never happened

Scintillating secrets slain today
Sow the seeds of legends tomorrow
Deeds unseen never go unmentioned
For fools pave the way to descend

When the firebugs return to fight
Determined to wage the futile war
Shall children in their beds bake
Or shall we arm them as they wake


Incubus Foiled - 201/05/27

It is pitch black
Darkness wafts every which a way
Grunts and noises echo off walls
Time weaves the tapestry of fear

It can smell fear
Phantoms of the mind fill the eyes
Who attempt to caress my warm flesh
Each chill brings a thousand others

It hates our heat
Legions of the dead energy decrepit
Are offended by a presence so fresh
Dissipation is the primary recourse

It is eternally alone
Nothing claimed means nothing owned
Herein we are introduced to nothing
All you are is subsequently reduced

We are without form
We are without heat
We are without love
We are without life

It manifests confusion
That course is reversing as I rise
Dire darkness is obscured by light
So life indeed thrives in the eyes

It experiences
The incident will not be forgotten
From nothing an entity now emerges
With a cryptic story it will share


Refugee - 2011/05/26

Home is the place I dont know
Remote in manners that matter
I rest on the pungent remains
Delirious to ongoing splatter
What is this where I do awake
As jibber jabber hits my ears
Where an asshole spins deceit
While his leashed mutts cheer

So let this verse serve truth
A mutterance of the testimony
I am no longer part of a crew
Blow it off and call it phony
Chalk it up to irreconcilable
Differences I cannot tolerate
When all my admiration soured
Only to be reinvented as hate

Home is the place I abandoned
Much like ashes in a dry gust
Your fear is now just a leash
Crooks tug whenever they must
What is this where I do sleep
Where my siren song is hiding
Who except phantoms of a coma
Understand all I am confiding

Mystical Malady - 2011/05/26

Dreams of the fervor circling
Softer times when I was awake
While the air has a new taste
Enhancing the illusion I make
My wit assaulted by a disease
Together dulled and sharpened
Dismal colors now my radiance
Crazy rope by which I descend

My puss ejected at high speed
Is the fuel for the new flame
What was once dull and boring
So boldly refuses to be tamed
Ethereal symphonies enhancing
Notes that are otherwise lost
Encouraging a mind to rethink
Everything regardless of cost

My one regret is that it ends
Yet this time I will document
So when it comes time to miss
This chance I will not lament
For you are reading the words
I otherwise would have forgot
Once I escaped lunatic dreams
Sans my map back to this spot


Duality - 2011/05/25

One is birthed of scorned hearts
The other is fiction of the mind
A pained first seeks reparations
The other knows we will not find
Preconceived notions that tumble
Leave foundations of foolishness
Swatted aside when reality dawns
Upon repertoires of cluelessness

I see shades of chaos and hatred
Draping a whole world in egotism
These wrongs demand full revenge
This is about me damn any schism
If it shall not abide we destroy
Stripping all others of identity
Touchy standards writ by my eyes
Inherently grant me my indemnity

Look upon this dog eat dog world
Dare to join a new hunger strike
Ignore that petty urging of pain
To strike at what we do not like
If we exist by an eye for an eye
Then get prepared to die from it
For the flames of anger now rise
And shall not stop when you spit


Godmaker - 2011/05/23

There gallops in a pale horse
The rider long since disposed
Was he a warrior or a steward
It does not matter decomposed
Putrid carcass hanging limply
Affixed to shreds of a saddle
Whatever he might so be named
He did not win in that battle

Off they race men of the army
Riding to waste transgressors
Not sparing one bloody second
To track down true aggressors
Blood spilled is a favor owed
A final oath to lay down life
Therein the cycle perpetuates
Through an executioners knife

Those who leave are deserters
Nevermind their wrath falters
For when our bloodlust births
We create gods of dark altars
Free of kings and their lines
Yet we still wear aged chains
As we cannot tame wild beasts
For we do not grasp the reins


Mr. Ponzi - 2011/05/22

Two suits and some change
That is todays going rate
So it will look real nice
As we screw those we hate

Finely polished black shoes
Mount the back of the world
Where we hang that fine art
Always fighting not to hurl

On the surface a bit of class
Inside poor souls are rotting
For they know in their hearts
That they are fools squatting

Around this beautiful edifice
The foundations are crumbling
While drones ignore this trap
Into which they are stumbling

Come on in the money is fine
Take a splash in this wealth
Check your souls at the door
If you want long term health

Speaketh thou to the wannabe
Sell him what he wants to be
But please wipe that disgust
Off your face or he will see


Wake Up, Time to Live - 2011/05/21

I say now today the world may end
Though it is arguably a fools bet
There is no simple escape from it
As the past makes us pay our debt
Yet the lemmings dance and scream
Of dark judgment day now oncoming
As they set a spark on everything
Hoping for inferno while drumming

Damned are they and damned are we
Living in a world they also shape
Willing to forget rotting remains
Of the corpse they helped to rape
Standing rigid flanked by shadows
That abandoned principle so quick
Leaving no time to face the truth
This is the candle without a wick

We are a waxy splotch left behind
The fact is not so easily escaped
Find the courage every God denies
By peeking under his velvet drape
Eclipses quakes and floods failed
Along with science and relativity
Consider my new approach where we
Free our minds of tired captivity


Shithouse - 2011/05/19

Whenever I walk in it my fear arises
As it appears marked by predecessors
Black ash on the walls tells a story
Yet putrid scents are the confessors
Left by those lacking basic courtesy
To sooth the colons anger for a time
If only to spare their sad coworkers
From realizing they dropped the dime

Each day I smell somebody elses mess
As it doggedly clings to my nostrils
Each day I am faced with this choice
That regardless brings me no thrills
Time to choose what role I will play
Shall I sell the deceit of fresh air
Or will I forget my dignity and wipe
Treading where angels never can dare

Or like others perhaps I will ignore
Pretending the stench does not exist
So I may go about my normal business
Ever futile while the aroma persists
As a buzz saw in the back of my mind
Thoughts of fierce consequences spin
Yet while nobody at all gives a shit
They relax by not doing a damn thing


Apathy - 2011/05/18

It expands to claim full spaces
While cleansing the expressions
Present on a multitude of faces

It builds armies that surrender
Who will not take up their arms
As it kills off every contender

It is the driver of the caravan
Traveling to parched extinction
For nobody cares about the plan

It lives in pupils of strangers
In love with bread and circuses
Unaware of many growing dangers

It has planted a seed inside me
That I fight daily to snuff out
Defying a world that cannot see

It proliferates as does disease
Yet it enters through open ears
Bit by bit destroying expertise

It cries out in unmatched anger
Because I stand firm in defense
Of the truth we shall not deter


Skewed - 2011/05/16

Can you remember good old days
It is a shame that I am unable
I wonder if they truly existed
Are recollections merely fable
I can recall my vast ignorance
Publicized over and over again
Even as I would like to forget
I trip a reminder now and then

Are not trials of mundane life
Worth a relative accessibility
Otherwise how will we preserve
An approach involving humility
If our minds serve as journals
Let us fight to record reality
By dismissing lofty propaganda
And focusing on pure actuality

This is but a fools pipe dream
Exposed by yet another chimera
Though here I handle the leash
In antiquities of a bygone era
So of this crime I have spoken
I seem to be guilty by default
Together we both will continue
For neither of us wish to halt


Breaking - 2011/05/15

We conquered it together
Can you recall the crest
Many cycles spent up top
Looking down at the rest
It was very exhilarating
Defying tenets of nature
Though I know it expires
Via obscure nomenclature

Many I know do not agree
Calling me the charlatan
Even during this descent
To bits of what has been
Our wave was truly great
With height so unmatched
As it drags us back down
To the world we detached

What tragedy births next
A future nobody foresees
Yet our ride is finished
Even if you heed my plea
Maybe another wave rises
If only we could grab it
Or do we hype past glory
As seems to be our habit


Pushers - 2011/05/14

It haunts my every waking vision
Even as its stench fills my nose
A waving tapestry of an illusion
Powered by infantile whiny prose
Each morning I have it delivered
It arrives regardless of weather
Occasionally delivered in pieces
Some days its light as a feather

Typically it is heavy with tripe
Born of my angry fellow citizens
Is it any wonder I will not read
Any of their poisonous emissions
For ideas expressed by those led
Are merely imitations for others
Ever remember they put on an act
For benefit of tools and mothers

Yet despite my dire reservations
Every dawn I am challenged again
To resist the lure of the clowns
Speaking about whatever has been
Whether paid or simply concerned
Their authors are beyond twisted
Time and time again they pretend
That ratiocination never existed


Birthright - 2011/05/13

Over the hills come many horsemen
On their backs rides a burning sun
Our camels are overtaken quickly
Before it starts a battle is done
Strong arms with many cruel sabers
Dismount their army of hard steeds
Multitudes of my closest comrades
Were killed and marked half breeds

Their flesh bakes within the sand
We the prisoners now travel onward
In our hearts a conquest rages on
Yet outside we are forever altered
In chains we begin to wither away
As imprisoned dogs left to starve
Very few see the final non mirage
Terrible irony that fate did carve

An arena for slaves without buyers
Where we are handed our own blades
To die by the sword we were spared
Not allowed to fight your brigades
Hear this now my terrible infidels
Today is the day that I shall die
Yet my bloodline runs quite strong
With this hatred in endless supply


Context - 2011/05/12

I will take what is yours
Therefore making it mine
Of course in this context
I refer only to your time

I am going to attack you
Viciously without remorse
If it will take all night
I will speak until hoarse

I will cut open your chest
And rip out a black heart
In the metaphorical sense
This begins with that part

I will set a world aflame
If only to witness it burn
With fiery words I appeal
To all who refuse to learn

I will slip you the poison
Made by others of your ilk
Teaching you to expunge it
Replacing it with new milk

I will weep for your death
For we rise and fall as one
Always keep context in mind
So this lesson will be done


Spillover - 2011/05/11

So many drums beat
An army of strides
Which shall I pick
They do not decide

That is their trick
You alone do choose
So when they change
You alone will lose

The game is so fun
For the dumb elite
Who never do share
A standard to meet

An open air prison
Doors are my walls
Ignorance is guard
Roaming long halls

Leaving sans plan
Is simply suicide
Yet with children
I will not reside

So march on friends
And pick the poison
That clouds purpose
Destroying everyone

My path lies beyond
In a place elevated
Though my departure
Shall be celebrated

When will it happen
I truly do not know
So for now I surive
Rhyming my overflow


Equivocal - 2011/05/10

Words in a jumble are a virus
Rapidly proliferating in here
Pulp images of the murky sort
In a hazy future become clear
Learn this key for many doors
For soon they release at once
Horrors of a billion dreamers
Leaving remembrance our bunce

Right or wrong it matters not
Our only path proceeds inside
Where onlookers fear to tread
Over truths they cannot abide
In the face of stone we stare
For enlightenment in a mirror
Hoping garbage shall distract
From lessons becoming clearer

Beyond this haze he now walks
An unknown stranger of import
Breathlessly waiting for time
Cognizant it is growing short
These words laid out randomly
Define a convenant between us
To look within and share pain
Spirits lost once did discuss


Pest Control - 2011/05/09

What water would so be willed
While across a desert we walk
Ahead lies this horrific haze
And the voices excitedly talk
Thatched roofs of crazy fools
Long ago passed by and missed
Dehydration my last companion
Claims not even one did exist

My single bead of salty sweat
Plunging to a hungering earth
Swallowed by that golem below
Gone for whatever it is worth
Crows of many a feather glide
Squawking varying obscenities
While my feet struggle onward
Vainly searching for identity

This was a road well traveled
Now home for my derelict soul
For it is here a journey ends
Dying without a watering hole
What is real and what is fake
I have no way I can determine
As I bake in the sun I wonder
Am I the victim or the vermin


Shoes - 2011/05/08

We are fools who dance merrily
Actual consequences all around
We are the dogs who now grovel
Twitching furiously for sounds
These are hard winds that blow
Snatching spring away in gusts
Acquainting miracles with rain
So we will see as it all rusts

Hoist the stein for all to see
Amaze the room with its beauty
Grab the nearest dancing wench
She shall bow and do dark duty
Never mind that rabble outside
My air here is full of delight
If serf blood is to be spilled
Just spill it out of our sight

Moneychangers and their whores
Blade tips pinch their throats
Some will be outright murdered
Whilst the rest drown in moats
Dark castles shall either burn
Or soon be summarily reclaimed
We beg for mercy from a rabble
Now madmen who cannot be tamed


Impotence - 2011/05/07

This now is the time
In the correct place
Where is the courage
Behind a solemn face

The deaf man composes
Melodies that inspire
While a fat man works
Never seeming to tire

Each battling uniquely
A warped mirrors twist
Always looking for the
Answers others missed

In their chosen toils
Great mystery emerges
As the questions fuel
Their enigmatic urges

Yet on some summer day
They do finally expire
Their hopes and dreams
Cast into eternal fire

This timid wind so blows
Breaking down the strong
Permitting time to crack
The right into our wrong

With all of this in mind
I am assaulted in wonder
As we battle a nostalgia
That tears truth asunder

Mission Accomplished - 2011/05/07

Dark eyes shine no more
Ever appearing befuddled
As news crosses the seas
Every fact gets muddled
We thirst for information
As on it we have a grasp
For not even his passing
Shall release his clasp

There shall be no trials
Or even public accounting
As we flounder in his trap
Where we are now drowning
Trade our lives for yours
We take an eye for an eye
Yet if it was that simple
Why did so many more die

Our friends seem enemies
While enemies do befriend
Everybody bought and paid
What bonds do they defend
Lo and behold that knife
Protruding from our backs
Was purchased with dollars
That paid every legal tax

What riddles do I now tell
Or blasphemies will I evoke
While so slyly pointing out
We great bribers are broke
Yet it pales in comparison
To the truth in our hearts
As a nation we are no longer
Beyond the sum of our parts


Stand Off - 2011/05/04

Deity arising demands silence
Yet I have my question to ask
Forces unexplained now expect
Obedience to replace the mask
That which was worn for years
A comfortable visage so known
Makes way for vicious current
Into which it has been thrown

Faded vagabond of vexing seas
Life refills emptiness abound
On ships of lazy greedy fools
Moving only to end up aground
Test the briny air with haste
While enjoying a last sunrise
Before dark wrath shall birth
My intricately fatal surprise

Forces at battle never ending
Tugging and pulling with fear
Both so working to eviscerate
What the other considers dear
I can only groom distant hope
They adapt if only to coexist
Otherwise we will be consumed
By hate in which they persist


Uncle Tom - 2011/05/03

In my heart I hold a secret
What it is I am not telling
It births strength to drink
The poisons you are selling
Toxins run through my veins
Infecting my waking moments
Each night besieging dreams
With rough petty atonements

I take it for I feel I must
Escape only with sound plan
For departing anytime prior
Forces revelation of a hand
Silence is now the language
We use for our frigid tones
But real truth can be found
In roots of my daily groans

Shall I not one day revenge
Myself on reprobates around
As they have wronged we all
Ever dancing to their sound
Or will I expire with furor
That only signifies nothing
Yet another bauble obsolete
Once shiny now only rusting


My Tin God - 2011/05/02

Hey there is it just me
Or do you seem thrilled
How now shall I destroy
All the hope that fills

I see the ballon you grasp
While you ascend to heaven
Well now we cannot have it
In these five out of seven

Tumbling through the clouds
Zooming toward dirty ground
Stark faces of dying shades
Warn you without any sounds

Past them you fall
You are now reborn
As today so wields
Dead passive scorn

I am the great manipulator
Exacting revenge at random
Praise the prophetic thumb
For apathy comes in tandem

Stand on your broken feet
I will cut off your knees
For here I am the tin god
And I will do as I please